Welcome New Pack Mates from Sci Fi Valley Con 2022!

Greetings to all my new Pack Mates! I hope you are enjoying this year’s Sci Fi Valley Con as much as I am!

Welcome my lovely panel guests as well! If you are looking for my helpful links, here is another helpful link to get you to my writing advice tab!

Please remember that the most helpful thing you can do to share your love of a story is to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Even if you write a quick sentence and leave a rating it can help so much to promote the book.

Thank you for stopping by my booth upstairs in the ballroom at G2 and saying hi! I look forward to attending again next year in 2023!

I hope you all have an amazing summer, and be sure to follow my social media for updates on the release day for Awakened Moonlight, the fourth book in the series that will be out this October 2022!

Be well, spread kindness, and have a fantastic summer (wear sunscreen too)!

~ Erin Kelly

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