Welcome new Pack Mates, Webcam Nick Subscribers, and Updates!

Welcome to all new Pack Mates from the Syracuse Comic Con and YouTube community!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, please watch my very first on camera interview with Syracuse YouTuber Webcam Nick! Thank you again Nick for the great interview! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope that this interview sheds more light on my story. You can watch it here and I encourage you to please like and subscribe to help support a wonderful man who also spread the message of being kind to one another.

Also this just in! I have joined up and will be attending Uticon this Sunday, October 1st! For more information or tickets (it’s really inexpensive!) check out their site here! I hope to see you there!

I will also be attending Scare-a-Con October 6th – 8th, I will be late arriving Friday but I will be there all day Saturday and Sunday! Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for the time I will be arriving Friday! For more information and tickets to Scare-a-Con follow the link here.

Finally, I had a successful first convention at Syracuse Comic Con and I want to start giving back. My story is just beginning but it’s time for the Pack to Give Back. Our first charity that I will be donating a portion of paperback sales to is the Hispanic Federation, focusing the donations on hurricane relief for our island to the south, Puerto Rico. For every book sold in September and October, I will donate $2 toward this charity. If you would also like to help contribute please check out the Hispanic Federation donation¬†site here!¬†

The Pack Gives Back will be a continuing thing, which may change month to month in the future but will always be extending a helping hand- or claw- to those who are in need.

Wishing you all the best always Pack Mates! More appearances, book signings, interviews, and information to come! And don’t worry… that sequel is getting closer and closer to being ready for release!

~ Erin, Alpha of the Pack

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