May 2019 Update – Summer Appearances, Infected Coming Soon and More!

Hello Pack Mates!

I hope this finds you well! Over the next couple weeks there will be some updates and coming to the site, so be on the look out for those! I’m going to be adding some new features to the site and new ways to connect with new Pack Mates. I’m pretty excited about this moving forward and I hope you will be too!

I have updated my Meet & Greet Schedule so be sure to check that out for up to date appearances, signings, and more!

Mostly as of late I have been hard at work on book 3, Infected Moonlight. I do not have a set date yet but I am *FINALLY* wrapping up the manuscript and getting it into my lovely editor’s capable hands in the next few days. I will be having some preorder giveaways and much more coming soon so be on the look out for that!

The next full moon Facebook contest will be coming up later this month, once my schedule is cleared up. I’m super excited to be releasing Infected soon and I can’t wait to get you guys the end of the first trilogy.

That’s right, the first trilogy. I plan on extending the series beyond these first three books, though I promise you the ending of Infected will leave you satisfied. I will also be having Tainted Moonlight being worked on as an audio book in the near future, and I am looking into making it available in other formats as well. I’ve got a lot of good things in the works right now, but until next time, I’m going to get back to finishing up the final chapters of Infected and getting that book out to you all as soon as I can.

Wishing you all the best Pack Mates! Until next time, keep on howling it out! Please share Tainted Moonlight with your friends, and don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon or Good Reads when you can!

Be Well!

~ Erin Kelly

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