Tainted Moonlight is now on YouTube & Quick Update!

Greetings Pack Mates and welcome to 2020!

It’s been a busy start to the new year, but so far so good! If you are ever wondering what’s going on with the latest Tainted Moonlight updates, definitely check out any of my social media links, but I am trying to keep up with the website more for 2020 as well.

New for 2020: YouTube Channel!

To kick off the new year, I have started a YouTube channel! I wanted to join the BookTube/AuthorTube community this year, and work on some more visual things for my series this year. You may see a book trailer for the series coming soon! I am super excited to get things rolling. I am also working on an audiobook version for my series, so hopefully I will have that going soon for those who prefer that format. There are a couple other surprises in the works right now, but I won’t spoil those just yet.

If you want to check out my debut video and see what kind of YouTube channel I’ll be running, check out this link here, where I respond to the Indiecember Author Bingo Prompt. A thank you again to Megan Tennant, author of Aletheia and AuthorTube creator of Cloud Kitten Chronicles for tagging me, it was a fun challenge! Also, please check out her channel, link is in the video description, and be sure to like and subscribe for updates! I plan on doing a couple videos a month right now, to get things rolling for the channel and not overwhelm myself.

Works in progress…

Currently I am working on a prequel for Tainted Moonlight to fill in the five year gap where our story begins, as well as the sequel, Awakened Moonlight. I’m not going to say much else right now, but I am hoping to have more information on those soon with the next update.

Until next time, Pack Mates, be well, stay safe, and continue to spread kindness.

~ Erin Kelly

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