Welcome Pack Mates from STC, Series Updates & Upcoming Signings!

Welcome all new Pack Mates who stopped by from Scares That Care Charity Weekend!

A bit of a delayed post but I hope you have all been well. I wanted to briefly update on here with some upcoming news and events.

Series News

Infected Moonlight does not yet have a release date, but I can tell you I am still hard at work on the manuscript and already 25,000 words into it. I honestly haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the main plot line this far into it, so I am certain this is going to be one monster of a werewolf story (pun definitely intended). As soon as I have more information and a release date I will definitely post it here and on my social media pages, so be on the alert.

Upcoming Appearances/Signings: August 2018

I will be making an appearance at the Baldwinsville Public Library’s ComicConversation this weekend! It is a one day event on Sunday, August 20, 2018 from 12pm and 7pm. Details on the event and how to get tickets can be found on their Facebook page, for the link click here.

I will also be making a one day appearance at the annual New York State Fair on Sunday, August 26, 2018 along with another local author, my mentor and friend Nicholas T. Davis, author of the Bargo Linden and Dimension Lapse series. I will be posting more details very soon on the location of my booth and I will be there as long as I have copies of my books to sell.

Don’t forget that I will also be selling a convention exclusive at both events, the very first issue of the Necrocastizine which features my first short story featuring Korban’s very first transformation as a werewolf. It is only $5 and includes a selection of some amazing author contributions and is going to be a collector’s item for sure. I have limited copies available and they can only be purchased at meet and greets.


I will have more appearances and events coming soon so I will keep you posted! Love you all and keep on howling until next time, Pack Mates.

~ Erin Kelly




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