Happy Anniversary Tainted Moonlight! *IMPORTANT UPDATE*

Good evening Pack Mates!

First things first! I hope you are all doing well. It has been a very busy past couple months and I have been working hard on several things, including the third book in the series. However, until now I have also been working hard on several related things in the Tainted Moonlight universe and I wanted to share them with you now… kind of a Pack present to celebrate the second anniversary of my first series!

Gift/Announcement #1

Congratulations if you were one of the first 300 people to buy or win a paperback copy of Tainted Moonlight as you now hold on to a collector’s item!

As of today it is no longer available in the original format, but has been remastered and is new and improved! The second edition of Tainted Moonlight is now available through Amazon and will soon be available during my meet and greet events as well.

There have been some grammatical edits made to address the tense issues that a few readers had spoken up about (thank you for your feedback!), as well as a couple minor but important story changes. I did not change the main plot however I will address these important changes in a separate post to avoid spoiling it for newer readers, while sharing it with existing readers so you can keep current and not have to purchase the remastered edition right away (but you know if you want to read some new and improved content, I encourage you to check it out as well!). It will carry a minor spoiler warning when I do post it so keep an eye out for that coming soon.

The newer edition also includes my convention exclusive short story from The Necrocastizine, “Quarantine Nightmare” which was also edited by my lovely editor, so this will be its second edition publication as well. I wanted to be able to share this story with more than just my convention fan base since I have a growing Pack hungry for more so I needed to make sure that it was available for everyone.

The other changes are minor but include a sneak preview of Captured Moonlight (which was previously unavailable when I first published two years ago, hence its absence from the original copy) as well as the Amazon reviews page to get a glimpse of what readers like you have said about my story.

Gift/Announcement #2

I am working on publishing a large format version of Tainted Moonlight which will be available soon as well as an audio book. I will release more information on these additional formats for Tainted Moonlight as soon as I can!

Gift/Announcement #3

Captured Moonlight is currently being remastered (I am going over the final copy edits now) and will be available in its second edition soon as well, so if you want to get your hands on the first edition you better start ordering it up now! It may be even rarer than Tainted Moonlight as I have only sold about 100  paperback copies of Captured so far. If you want to grab your first edition before it’s too late check it out here!

Announcement #4 (and Apology)

The final announcement is some slightly bad news to go along with all this good… but I wanted to let you all know what was going on.

You may have been wondering what the deal was with the third book, Infected Moonlight, which I had optimistically (but not realistically) intended to release before the end of summer. As we now are moving into fall, I have to apologize for the delay. I want to make sure that Infected Moonlight comes out at its best, and as I have been writing it the story itself is much larger than I had originally intended it to be. Which on the plus side means when I do release it, it’s definitely going to be a lot more story than the first two books in the series.

However, with a larger story there is more time and care needed to make sure that this book doesn’t end up having to go through a remastered release like the previous two books. So… long story short, Infected Moonlight will not be available until early next year. As soon as I know a solid date of release I will let you guys know.

Plus side/good news with this… I may be in need of some devoted beta readers, so when I am ready with the final manuscript I may be looking for some loyal Pack Mates to check it out and give me feedback in advance. More to come on this soon!

I once again apologize for the delay, but this time I want to do it right the first time, and I also want to make sure that this book wraps up the initial trilogy to kick off the rest of the series moving forward. I have plans kicking around for at least books 4, 5, and even 6. I do not know when the series will end but I hope you will all be along for the ride.


My next appearances for this year will be Scare-a-Con at the Turning Stone and then Retro Game Con in Syracuse, for more details check out my events page here. 

I am also working on some more top secret projects related to the series, so stay tuned! As always keep howling it out and let others know about Tainted Moonlight! It helps our Pack grow and I can’t thank you enough for that!

All the best always!

~ Erin Kelly





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