Infected Moonlight Cover Reveal and Kindle Preorder

Arrrroooooooo! Good morning Pack Mates! I’ve got the news you have all been waiting for… Infected Moonlight is now available to preorder for the Kindle edition! It will be on sale for a limited time so make sure to get your digital copy today!
Click this link —> <— to Preorder NOW!

The paperback edition will be also available August 6, 2019 but unfortunately Amazon doesn’t have a preorder ability for paperbacks at this time. The paperback edition will be on sale for the first month of release for only $14.99!

I will be sure to post a link the moment the paperback edition is live, but you can snag a digital copy for only $2.99 to download!

I’m super excited about this story and can’t wait until you are able to check it out for yourselves. Wishing you all a wonderful day and hope to see you at Scares That Care! this weekend! ??????

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