Infected Moonlight Available NOW!

Arrrroooooooo!!!! Good evening Pack Mates! I am happy to announce that the paperback edition of Infected Moonlight is now live on! It will be on sale for the first month for only $14.99 so make sure to grab your copy today!

Paperback Edition:

I am super excited and can’t wait to get my final copy myself! Some of you may get your copy before I do. Don’t forget you can always request the paperback edition or Kindle edition at your local library as well!

The Kindle Edition will also be on sale for the next month too if you would like to grab your digital copy, and you can find that right here:

I hope you enjoy this one, I’m very proud of how it turned out and I anxiously await the first reviews. This is a big leap for myself, and for Korban and Sophie’s journey as well. I’m so happy to see how this series grows, and already look forward to see where we’ll be heading together as a Pack.

Wishing you the best as always, and there will be more exciting news coming soon as I am always looking to grow our Pack!

Until next time, Pack Mates, keep on howling it out!

~ Erin Kelly ?????

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